Cash in on My Gambling Mistakes

I have been gambling on the net or at land based gambling halls for many years. I have found out, the addiction can take a hold of you and you won’t even notice it till you are bankrupt. Especially if you are on a run. I have gone through uncounted hundreds of clams in only a little period of time and even today, I still go too long. It appears you are just having fun until you decide to pay attention to your loss and the blame sets in, and of course you continue telling yourself "I can likely earn it back" repeatedly. It does not work. Then you get queasy in your stomach and the more you try the faster you throw away.

When you see that you are up, Remain in the Black! When you start to fritter away, don’t convince yourself, "well just maybe one more" and again and again, believe me, this technique barely ever functions. Say you plan on betting on slot machines, have a value separate before beginning your gambling. DON’T go over that range, regardless of how tempting. If you happen to win, put that in a separate pot. Don’t risk your profits no matter what. Once you have played through your beginning determine range, stop. Leave, whether it’s online or in a real life gambling den, don’t stay at the tables or machines. Always keep in mind, there certainly is another day, another time. Clearly, this process is able to work for any game that you play, be it bingo, poker, electronic poker, keno, 21 or any other game.

Remember, betting is supposed to be delightful not burdensome, sickening work! If you aren’t having fun yourself, you do not belong there. If you cannot manage the loss, don’t even start.

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